Kenny-Media Is A Facebook Advertising Agency
We specialize in creating, running, & optimizing Facebook Ads for Tech E-Commerce Businesses.
We are Facebook Advertising Specialists that will build you the best social media ad that can generate you at least 2x more customers. With out marketing help we will make sure you have new customers that would love to buy your products.

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How We Do It

We create successful Facebook Advertisements for Tech E-Commerce businesses and this is how we do it

Ad Creation

We will design a custom irresistible facebook ad that will outperform your current marketing strategy

Ad Running

We start running your ad on facebook to the people that are most likely to purchase a product from you.

Ad Optimizing

We will analyze your ad's performance and begin to tweak it so that it will perform even higher

Split Testing

Our team of facebook specialists will create multiple ads in order to ensure only the best ad is running

Lead Conversion

While you sleep your custom ad will continue to convert viewers into new customers and sales

Targeted Ads

We analyze the data of who is most likely to buy your product & then we promote it specifically to them
Kenny-Media Analytics
FREE Social Media Marketing Training
Discover the secret social media marketing strategies that E-Commerce businesses are using to get more customers.
  • Uncover the secret 3 Step Facebook Ad Funnel that generates unbelievable results for E-Commerce businesses.
  • Identify exactly how to use Facebook to bring in more customers and sales for your business.
Our Best Benefits

Our goal is to provide your Tech E-Commerce business with our core 3 benefits as a result from using our facebook advertising service

Quality Leads

We find leads that have been looking to buy your product because it solves their problems
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More Customers

We bring you more targeted customers without you ever having to lift a finger
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Increased Sales

We will bring you so many new customers that your sales will increase dramatically
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Find out if our Facebook Advertising Service can help you
  • This is not a sales call so in this discovery call we will discuss what problems you’re facing in your business.
  • Kenny-Media only works with exclusive high value tech E-Commerce businesses that need more customers.
  • If you’re looking for Facebook Advertising Services that will bring you more customers then sign up for our discovery call to discuss further.

What Clients Say About Us

Kenny-Media`s clients and their results are the best proof that our strategies work.