Maurice Kenny
How To Get Access To The Tools

Welcome to step 3 of 4 within the Kenny-Media Onboarding Process! Now that you know what the 4 key software tools are that we use in Kenny-Media you can now get access to them. Feel free to navigate around to get familiar with the tools and don’t forget to bookmark them. To proceed to step 4 click the button below to get started!

Dropbox Access
  • Click the below button to get view access to the Dropbox. You will be receiving edit access soon if required.
Slack Access
  • Click the below button to request access to our Slack Channel. After requesting access Kenny-Media will review it and then approve you very soon.
Pipedrive CRM Access
  • Once you have access to Slack send a private message to the CEO (Maurice Kenny) asking for the private login credentials to login to our CRM. Then you can use the below to login
Kenny-Media's Employee Portal Access
  • Click the below button to get access to the employee portal. You will use this a lot so it is advised that you bookmark this.
Continue Onboarding

Click the link below to proceed to step 4 of 4 of the employee onboarding process