Sales Manager Role Resources

Hello There! We are happy to have you as a Sales Manager for Kenny-Media. Below you will see how you can get started as a Sales Manager It is up to you to strategically manage the sales team full of people that do lead generation, cold calling, and cold emailing. Your main outcome is to drive the team to find leads, reach out to them via cold call or cold emailing to warm the leads up, and then you can come in to close on the final deal.

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Pipedrive CRM
  • Use this to keep track of where new leads are as the sales team progresses.
  • Click HERE
Sales Team Channel (Slack)
  • Use this to to communicate with the sales team.
  • Click HERE
How To Get Started
Management Details
  • Lead the team to success by understanding the inside and out of what your team does. Then guide them to using the current business process and meeting the weekly sales quota listed on the employee portal homepage.
  • Manage the Lead Generation Specialist by viewing the flow of what they do HERE
  • Manage the Cold Calling Specialist by viewing the flow of what they do HERE
  • Manage the Cold Emailing Specialist by viewing the flow of what they do HERE
  • Once the sales team has successfully found a cold lead and transformed them into a warm lead it is now up to you to sell them in a phone call (discovery call). Your team did the leg work so this does not have to be your normal sells call. Instead you need to talk less, ask questions more, and find out if he/she can really benefit from our Facebook Advertising Service. Remember, they set up the call because they wanted to talk with you not the other way around so you have the leverage in this discovery call.
Discovery Call Scripts
1. Hello
  • Hey this is Kenny from Kenny-Media. How are you doing?
  • SMALL TALK – So before we start i’m curious to know what you thought of our Audit? Was it helpful or just to confusing since you guys are not heavily investing in Facebook right now?
2. Intro
  • So just to kind of lay down the foundation here for out talk we did that Facebook Advertising Audit for your page and since I run a Facebook Advertising Agency we wanted to understand your business better, challenges your facing, your goals, and understand any gaps that Facebook Advertising may be able to fill. So I would just be asking you a few questions. Are you okay with that?
  • Okay so I have a few very high level questions first and then we can jump into the details.
3. 1st Question
  • So to kind of kick start things I’m just curious what made you want to meet with me to chat today?
  • So from a big picture perspective what is the direction you are trying to take the company?
  • So I am trying to understand your sales model a bit so do you all focus on increasing the sales of a high priced products or increasing the sales of low prices products?
    • From a Advertising perspective what have you all been doing so far?
    • What have you tried to advertise that did not work very well?
    • Is their a specific product or service you all want to push? Or do you just want more customers and sales period?
1st Half Scripts
4. 2nd Question
  • Okay so let’s get into a the details now.
  • What exactly is the product, service, or free trial that you would want to be advertised?
    • Who are your customers that would buy that (Is it Entrepreneurs, Executives, small businesses, children, parents)
    • Typically what is your customer age range and gender?
    • What about geography, what country or state do they buy from?
5. 3rd Question
  • Alright lets talk about what you could use to make the perfect Ad.
    • So sometimes the best way for a Advertisement to work is you have a Ad that gives away a free trial or discounted product upfront and then for those that sign up they get unsold numerous times for a high priced product or service. So do you have any incentives you could use to entice people in?
    • Alright, so video typically way out performs images so did you already have a good video that you think could be used for a Ad and what is it about if you do?
    • Images can be used a lot for re-targeting viewers that may have saw your advertisement, but didn’t finish. So as a ex you could have a Ad in Facebook then a user starts to sign up for say your bookcamp just as a ex, but for whatever reason gets distracted and never finishes. What can be done is put another Facebook Ad of a image that can remind that person to finish signing up. A lot of companies try to use email, but in this case its easier to retarget that same person in facebook again rather than via email since email open rates are so low. So this usually increases signups and purchases by at least 40%. And all of that to say do you have images that can be used in a Advertisement?
2nd Half Scripts
6. 4th Question
  • Now, A few last things about customer acquisition.
    • How do you currently get most of your customers now? (where do they come from)
    • What state are they in (need help urgently, buy it as a nice to have, etc)?
    • Related to that what are your customers pain points they have before they buy your products?
    • What do your best prospects / customers have in common?
Example Scripts
7. Get Them Interested
  • Okay thanks for connecting the dots there. Yeah most of our clients typically try to get leads in a similar to how you do now and the only problem is that it is not always the best method for say predicting how many customers you will get in next week, next month, or even next quarter. So with your specific type of customers my Facebook Specialist can create and run Facebook Ads for 30 days for you to get you more customers at a lot faster rate. From what I heard it sounds as though we would be a pretty good fit to work together so would you like for me to run through the results of a Facebook Ad we ran for a company in your industry?
8. Give Them An Example
  • So I can’t talk about the products specifically or the company name because we signed NDAs, but on 1 example we got a company a 3 x return on their investment so they put in $2,000 and after running facebook ads for 30 days they got $6,000. Then the craziest example was with a fairly large company so this is a extreme example. We got them a bit over 2000 customers in 1 month which generated them $150,000. So from the sound of it since your in the industry were familiar with and have similar customers that were familiar with we should be able to do well with yours. So this may be kind of a odd question, but do you have any limits on how many new customers you could handle?
Pricing Scripts
9. Price
  • Okay so let’s talk about the price now. So keep in mind there are 2 prices. So for the 1st piece we charge $1,500 for our 1 month of Facebook Advertising Service which you would pay to us. Then for the 2nd piece there is a separate Advertising budget that we can start with $750 which you would pay to Facebook to use their Facebook Advertising Platform. So it’s $1,500 upfront to us and $750 at the end of the month to Facebook. Does this sound good to you?
10. Conclusion
  • Okay great. So we have a automated onboarding process where I can get you the link, you can pay the invoice for the $1,500, then a screen will pop up afterwards so we can get you introduced to our Facebook Advertiser that will be creating, running, and optimizing your Facebook Ad. So what’s your email and I can send it to you right now and that way we can get payment out the way and focus on whats most important which is providing you with facebook advertising. So whats your email?
11. Congratulations
  • Okay everything looks good. You should now be on a screen for next steps that you can now do and then my team will be reaching out to you afterwards. I’ll be looking forward to working with you so congratulations on accepting Kenny-Media’s Facebook Advertising Services.
12. Done
  • Okay good bye
Sales Scripts
14. If they start asking me a bunch of questions
  • Hey I’m sorry if I mis-led you or something, but this call is more for me to ask you a few questions that should help both of us to understand if we can or can not work together between our businesses. So I just had a couple of questions to ask you to make this as really quick and as effective as possible. Is that okay with you?
15. If they are not interested
  • Alright that’s perfectly fine so to respect both of our times we can end our call here. Either way, it was great to chat with you, but I hope you have a good rest of your day.
16. It’s to expensive
  • So is it a question of price or is it a question of value?
  • Okay so let’s say I can help you make way more money than your paying me just like my past clients and I solve your problems does it matter to you if I charge $2,000, $3,000, or heck even $4,000 if I tripled that return on your investment? So like I mentioned earlier this is not a sales call so I don’t want to try to sell you so if you want to do this then great, but if you don’t then that’s also perfectly fine as well. So what did you want to do here? Do you want to move fw with our services?
Objection 13 – Our Customers are not on Facebook / No my business will not benefit from Facebook Advertising
  • YOU – Oh Okay. So if you don’t mind me asking do you have an online website store at all or sell your products online? Because if you do then the way facebook works is that we can actually target only the specific types of customers that generally would buy from you. Rather than just trying to sell to everyone haha. So did you have an product online that you can sell?