Lead Generation Role Resources

Hello There! We are happy to have you as a Lead Generator for Kenny-Media. Below you will better understand what kind of leads we need you to gather, how often, and where to publish those leads so everyone on the team will be aware. Keep in mind that you have an extremely important role since the more leads you gather the more sales we can get and the better the company can do. So in many ways you are setting the tempo for the Kenny-Media team. As a result, quality leads are very important as it will increase email response rates, number of closes from cold calls, and general sales.


So, you do not have to talk to companies to do a sales pitch. It is more of you gather leads and then you can hand them off to the sales team so they can start cold calling & cold emailing.

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Client Funnel Excel Doc
  • Upload the new lead to this excel document.
  • Click HERE
Slack Sales Channel
  • Use this to to communicate with the sales team.
  • Click HERE
Details About
1. Lead Characteristics
  • Industry – E-Commerce which can be Apparel & Fashion, Consumer Electronics, and Retail.
  • Geography – Businesses in the United States, Europe, and Canada
  • Company Headcount – 300 employees or less in general (for LinkedIn Sales Navigator use the company headcount of 51-200 and 201 – 500)
  • Title – Anything with CEO, President, and Founder since they are all the same.
  • The Business must sell products online in their store. (As a ex you have to be able to purchase products online through their website by clicking a button.
2. How Many Leads To Gather
  • 500 every month
3. Examples Of E-Commerce Products
  • Clothing, Shoes, Watches, Jewelry, Kitchen appliances, Garden/Outdoor Tools, Bath Accessories, Home Decorations, Furniture, Pet supplies, Sporting equipment, gym equipment, beauty products, grooming products, vitamins/dietary supplements, Computers, Tablets, TVs, Phones, headphones, Lighting, Cameras, Smart Thermostat, Security System, Speakers, Vacuums, Printers, Routers, GPS, video games, Purse, Backpack, and etc
4. Fields Necessary For Every Lead
  • Company Name
  • Company Website
  • Phone Number
  • Person Name
  • Executive Title/Role Name
  • Email