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Job Description

This position is for a Email Marketing / Marketing Automation Specialist who will work with my social media agency ( where we sell a Facebook Advertising Service to Tech E-commerce / Consumer Electronics Businesses. The service consist of our Facebook Ad specialist creating/running/optimizing Facebook Advertisements so that our Tech E-Commerce Business clients will get more customers.

When you cold email you will just need to talk with the business owner and convience him/her that they should book a 30 min phone call appointment with me to further discuss if they should buy our Facebook Advertising service.

Currently we have a growing list of 250 prospects that you can cold email which you can do via our CRM software Zendesk Sell. When you email, I already have a script that you can walk through step by step so you can make sure you close clients easily. The outcome of your cold email is to talk with the business owner and convince him/her that they will benefit from booking an appointment with me/CEO to further explain why they need Facebook Advertising. So you just need to take them from a cold lead to a warm lead so that I can go in for the final phone call to make the sell.

The way payment will work is that for every company that you cold email and then I successfully sell in the following meeting you will receive $500. So it will be a team effort since you will cold call with the scripts and then I go in for a 30 minute phone call to sell/close them on the Facebook Advertising Service.

You will have the opportunity to make consistent money on a monthly basis. Essentially the more clients you cold email and that I sell the more money you will make. In other words, when we sell 1 client you will get $500, 2 will be $1000, 3 will be $1,500, and so on. So in 1 month you can easily double, triple, and even get thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

Also, this position is for only experienced Email Marketing professionals that speak English very well.

Job Details

Thanks for applying so let me explain a few more details! So this is a Email Marketing / Automation specialist role with my social media agency where we get Tech E-Commerce / Consumer Electronics clients more customers by creating, running, & optimizing Facebook Advertisements. By Tech E-Commerce clients as a ex I mean companies that sell Smart Home Devices & Smart Devices so you can see the following as product examples.

Smart Home Devices – Speakers, Alarm System, Security Cameras, thermostat, LED Lights, Doorbell, Weight Scale Voice Assistant, Router, Modem, TV, Smart Refrigerator, and etc.

Smart Devices – PC, Phone, Tablet, Device cases, Camera, Watch, Bluetooth Speakers, headphones, Wireless Chargers, Drones, Backpack, and etc

So let me explain a bit more in detail of the ask from you. I have a list of 250 prospects that are medium to small sized Tech E-Commerce / Consumer Electronics Businesses. We need you to cold email these businesses with the script that I will give you. It starts with something similar to a “Hello this is x and we do x. Could I speak with your business owner?” Then you will qualify the owner by asking 2 quick questions to see if Facebook Advertising can help them. Finally as a 3rd question you will ask them what time they are available tomorrow to book an appointment with me as CEO to sell them on our service (see if Facebook Advertising can work for them).

So this is a team effort. You need to cold email the business owner with the outcome of setting up a meeting with me to get into more details. Then I need to sell them to buy our Facebook Advertising Service. As a result, you will be paid $500 for every new client. So if you bring 1 you get $500, 2 $1000, 4 you get $2000, and so on.

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