Facebook Advertising Role Resources

Hello There! We are happy to have you as a Facebook Advertiser for Kenny-Media. Below you will see how you can get started as a Facebook Advertiser. It is up to you to host the strategy call with new clients along with to create, run, and optimize Facebook Advertisements.

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Pipedrive CRM
  • Use this to keep track of where new leads are coming from as the sales team progresses. Also use this to know when a lead has become a customer that you can now advertise for.
  • Click HERE
General Team Channel
  • Use this to to communicate with the general team.
  • Click HERE
How To Get Started
Facebook Ad Details
  • See the below Facebook Advertising Funnel to understand the flow from start to finish.
  • Discovery Call – This is where the Sales Manager will finally meet with the client to close them on the deal He/She will then drag and drop that lead over to Invoice Paid to get things started.
  • Invoice Paid – The sales manager will ensure that this is taken care of through out automated system.
  • Client Onboarding – The sales manager will ensure the new client is onboarded correctly through out automated system and then handed off to you smoothly.
  • Strategy Session – Here you will meet with the client on the phone in order to ask them whatever you need in order to create a successful Facebook Advertisement.
  • Facebook Ad Start – Start creating, running, and optimizing the facebook advertisements.
  • Facebook Ad Finish – Drag and drop your lead here if he/she has said no they are not interested in our Facebook Advertising Service.
Facebook Ad Funnel
  1. Discovery Call (Through The Sales Manager)
  2. Invoice Paid (Automated)
  3. Client Onboarding (Automated)
  4. Strategy Session
  5. Facebook Ad Start
  6. Facebook Ad Finish