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Overall Business Flow

Lead Generation

  • Responsibility – Lead Generation Specialist
  • Purpose – Find potential leads through Social media, Google, or etc.

Lead Qualification 

  • Responsibility – Cold Calling Specialist & Cold Emailing Specialist
  • Purpose – Outreach to leads via cold calling & cold emailing in order to determine if a lead can become a client. This should be a quick discussion and the outcome is to book a discovery call with the CEO.

Discovery/Sells Call

  • Responsibility – CEO (Additional Role Coming Soon)
  • Purpose – Get the sale by meeting on the agreed upon Appointment time

Strategy Call

  • Responsibility – Facebook Ad Specialist
  • Purpose – Discuss with the client about what their ideal customer looks like, the offer, & etc to create the ad.

Run Facebook Ads

  • Responsibility – Facebook Ad Specialist
  • Purpose – Create, Run, & Optimize the Facebook Advertisement for 1 month
Sales Team Process Flow

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