Welcome To The Kenny-Media Team!

Hello There! We are happy to have you join the Kenny-Media Team. Here we can begin your employee onboarding process which is broken up into 4 simple steps. For step 1 you will learn more about Kenny-Media and the team. To proceed to step 2 click the button below to get started!


WHAT – Kenny-Media is a Social Media Marketing Agency that helps E-Commerce companies get more customers by creating, running, and optimizing Facebook Advertisements.

WHY – Kenny-Media believe that no company in the world is reaching the full potential because they are not taking advantage of Facebook Advertisements. As a result, we aspire to show businesses they can reach and surpass their goals through social media marketing.

WHO – The team as of now consist of the CEO Maurice Kenny along with experts in Facebook Advertising, Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, and Lead Generation.

HOW – Kenny-Media creates, runs, and optimizes Facebook Advertisements that have generated a 3x return on investment for client companies along with for another client amassed over $150,000 in just 1 month.

WHEN – Kenny-Media was founded in 2019 by Maurice Kenny and has been growing rapidly ever sense.

Overall Business Flow

Lead Generation

  • Responsibility – Lead Generation Specialist
  • Purpose – Find potential leads through Social media, Google, or etc.

Lead Qualification 

  • Responsibility – Cold Calling Specialist & Cold Emailing Specialist
  • Purpose – Outreach to leads via cold calling & cold emailing in order to determine if a lead can become a client. This should be a quick discussion and the outcome is to book a discovery call with the CEO.

Discovery/Sells Call

  • Responsibility – CEO (Additional Role Coming Soon)
  • Purpose – Get the sale by meeting on the agreed upon Appointment time

Strategy Call

  • Responsibility – Facebook Ad Specialist
  • Purpose – Discuss with the client about what their ideal customer looks like, the offer, & etc to create the ad.

Run Facebook Ads

  • Responsibility – Facebook Ad Specialist
  • Purpose – Create, Run, & Optimize the Facebook Advertisement for 1 month
Sales Team Process Flow

General FAQs

Kenny-Media’s plan to become the number 1 business that provides Facebook Advertising services. In order to do that we plan on 1st becoming the number 1 for E-Commerce clients and then we will move on from there. We need excellent people like you to help push that into becoming a reality.

Clothing, Shoes, Watches, Jewelry, Kitchen appliances, Garden/Outdoor Tools, Bath Accessories, Home Decorations, Furniture, Pet supplies, Sporting equipment, gym equipment, beauty products, grooming products, vitamins/dietary supplements, Computers, Tablets, TVs, Phones, headphones, Lighting, Cameras, Smart Thermostat, Security System, Speakers, Vacuums, Printers, Routers, GPS, video games, Purse, Backpack, and etc

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