Cold Emailing Role Resources

Hello There! We are happy to have you as a Cold Emailer for Kenny-Media. Below you will see how to use Pipedrive CRM. This will be your primary tool that you will use to upload new leads to the CRM, send out the cold email scripts, and follow up scripts you will use in order for you to succeed in your role. Keep in mind that each cold email is already pre-written, but in order to increase the response rate it is advised that you edit the text to add more context. That could be anything such as “I love the superman product that your selling for $99. That definitely must be selling fast since it looks cool”. Doing things like that adds a bit of personality to your emails and gives you a higher open rate and response rate.


Also keep in mind that you are to lead the conversation by asking questions not by doing most of the talking through long text. Keep your emails short. Let the lead do all the talking by answering your questions. As a conclusion to your emails the outcome should be to book a 30 min phone call with the CEO to discuss if we can help generate more customers for them through utilizing our Facebook Advertising Service.


So, this is not a sales pitch. The goal is to set a meeting and then afterwards Maurice Kenny will use the follow up discovery call to sell them

Navigation To Tools
Pipedrive CRM
  • Use this to import new leads & send emails
  • Click HERE
Slack Sales Channel
  • Use this to to communicate with the sales team.
  • Click HERE
Email Batch Calendar
100 Each Batch

How To
Import New Leads
1. On The Top Toolbar Click the Add Button & Then Choose Import
  • Click your username on the top right to open the dropdown menu. Now click settings.
  • Now on the left you will see a tools menu where you can then click “import data”.
  • Click the green button that says “from a spreadsheet” as your option.
  • Next click the green button that says “upload now” to start uploading your file.
  • Next make sure to upload all relevant data – Company Name, Website, Phone Number, Person Name, Title/Role, and the Email Address. Then click next.
  • On the Preview Import Data window double check everything looks correct and then click the green start upload button to begin uploading your new leads.
  • Complete the upload.
2. How To Revert a Import
  • Click your username on the top right to open the dropdown menu. Now click settings.
  • Now on the left you will see a tools menu where you can then click “import data”.
  • Scroll down to import history and then select the red button that says revert to revert an entire lead list.
How To
Filler Leads
3. On The Pipedrive Homepage Choose Your Username
  • Here you should now have all your new newly imported leads and current leads here (if they are not showing up and you just uploaded them then give it a few mins to catch up)
4. How To Filter Leads 
  • When your on the home screen the top middle should list the number of leads we currently have in the CRM. On the right should be your username such as Maurice Kenny along with a drop down arrow. Click this.
  • Now you should be able to click to choose “All Cold Email Leads or leads that are in a specific pipe / column in the CRM such as Email 1 or Follow Up 1 as a ex.
How To Use
The Deals Tab
5. The Pipedrive Homepage
  • Here you should now have all of your Leads. You should be able to easily tell which ones are new by looking at the column. All of your new leads that were just uploaded should say “New Lead”. After you send off emails you can push leads to Email 1, Follow up 1, follow up 2, and so on.
6. How To Bulk/Mass Email New Leads For Email 1
  • On the top in the middle you should see the total number of leads. So on the left you will see 3 buttons that are pipedrive, list, and forecast. Choose the list option.
  • Now use the above directions (3-4) to apply the correct filter for the next batch of people you will be emailing.
  • Select 100 leads by clicking the check box and then click the “Send Group Email” button to send bulk/mass emails. Keep in mind you can only mass email 100 at a time.
  • A email window should pop up now. Here under email templates you can click the drop down menu to choose your email of choice such as Email 1 or Follow Up 1. Then click send and then wait until they all send.
  • Repeat the above 2 steps 1 more time since you will be sending out another 100. That will total to be 200 per day. You can see who has not got a email today because on the list view the column named “last email sent” shows you who has not yet been sent a email today.
  •  Now using the “last email sent” column as a reference for everyone that you sent a email out to today you can move them over to the next pipe / column in the cold emailing sequences. You do this by choosing all 200 leads you just messaged and then on the right a menu should have popped up named “bulk edit”. Scroll down to pipeline / stage and click it.
  • On pipeline / stage click “Replace Existing Value With”. Make sure the Cold Emailing Pipeline is chosen as the default, but then click the next green spot where the deals should be in. As a example new lead is one green spot, but if you click the next one it will move all the selected leads to Email 1 comumn. Or if you move it to the 3rd spot it will be follow up 1. So choose the correct one where you will move all the leads to.
  • Click update and now all of your leads have moved to the next spot / stage and you have already emailed everyone.
7. How To Add a Tasks To Follow Up Later 
  • On the Deals page your new deals should have a empty column named Next Tasks. You can here enter when you plan on following up. Such as “follow up in 3 days” or “follow up 9/19).
How To Use
The Mail Tab
8. On The Top Toolbar Choose Communications
  • Here you should get the replies to emails here and see what emails you have sent out. Similar to a regular inbox you can click each email and begin replying back.
9. How To Respond To Emails
  • Choose the email you wish to rely back to by clicking on it.
  • Scroll down and click reply.
  • Click the bottom right that says email templates.
  • Reply back with a email template and if you see necessary personalize it a bit.
10. How Often To Follow Up
  • Follow the above Email Sequence Calendar.
  • When a lead responds back to the normal Email 1, Email 2, Email 3, and so on you should respond back as soon as you can.
11. What is the structure of the Email Scripts
  • Email 1 – Free Offer
  • Email 1 – Follow Up 1
  • Email 1 – Follow Up 2
  • Email 1 – Follow Up 3
  • Email 1 – Follow Up 4
  • Email 1 – Follow Up 5
  • Email 2 – Free FB Ad Audit
  • Email 2 – Follow Up 1
  • Email 2 – Follow Up 2
  • Email 2 – Follow Up 3
  • Email 3 – Book A Meeting Time
  • Email 3 – Follow Up 1
  • Email 3 – Follow Up 2
  • Email 3 – Follow Up 3
  • Email 4 – Call Booked
  • Objection 1 – We Are Not Interested
  • Objection 2 – We Already Have Someone Doing Facebook Ads