Cold Caller Role Resources

Hello There! We are happy to have you as a Cold Caller for Kenny-Media. Below you will see the cold call scripts that are necessary in order for you to succeed in your role. Keep in mind each cold call should last about 2-4 mins max. Also lead the conversation by asking questions. Not by doing most of the talking. Let him/her do all the talking by answering your questions. As a conclusion to your phone call the outcome should be to book a 30 min phone call with the CEO to discuss if we can help generate more customers for them through utilizing our Facebook Advertising Service.


So, this is not a sales call. The goal is to set a meeting and then afterwards Maurice Kenny will use the follow up discovery call to sell them

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Pipedrive CRM
  • Use this to call leads via Skype and update the status of where leads are.
  • Click HERE
Slack Sales Channel
  • Use this to to communicate with the sales team.
  • Click HERE
Cold Calling Dashboard

How To Use Pipedrive CRM
Deals Tab
  • This will be the main tab you will use to call leads, set follow ups, and more
  • See the below Cold Call Funnel to understand the flow from start to finish.
  • New Lead – This is where the Lead Generation Specalist will load his/her new leads to. It is up to you to drag and drop them over to cold call 1 so you can get started.
  • Cold Call 1 – Here is the list of leads that you can start calling. Click on 1 of them as a ex and you will be taken to the lead page. Here you can scroll down on the left hand side to call their number via skype by clicking on it, take notes in the notes tab, and click the activity tab to set up a follow up time when to call again.
  • Wrong # – Drag and drop leads here if the number is incorrect and the lead generation specialist will fix it and then drag it back to the new lead location.
  • Cold Call 2 Follow Up – Here you can drag and drop your lead if you need to follow up with him/her at a later date.
  • Not Interested – Drag and drop your lead here if he/she has said no they are not interested in our Facebook Advertising Service.
  • Interested – Drag and drop your lead here if he/she has said YES they are interested in booking an appointment to discuss our Facebook Advertising Service.
Cold Call Funnel
  1. New Lead
  2. Cold Call 1
  3. Wrong #
  4. Cold Call 2 – Follow Up (if necessary)
  5. Not Interested
  6. Interested
Cold Calling Scripts
1. Call the general business phone number – “Client says Hello this is TBD Industries”
  • YOU – Hey this is Kenny could I speak with the business owner?
  • YOU ALTERNATIVE – Hey this is Kenny could I speak with John?
  • YOU CALLING BACK – Hey a few days ago I called and was told me to call back today to talk to your business owner. So could you pass the phone to him?
Objection 1 – “Why did you need to talk to him/her?”
  • YOU – So my company helps E-Commerce businesses like yours get more customers and I wanted to talk to your business owner about that.
Objection 2 – “He/She is busy in a meeting so can not talk right now. (DON’T LEAVE A MESSAGE)
  • YOU – That’s okay I can call back. So when is the best time to call back so I can catch him?
Cold Calling Scripts
2. Client Says – “Hello this is John?”
  • YOU – Hey is this the business owner?
3. Client Says – “Yes this is the business owner”
  • YOU – Hey so my business helps E-Commerce businesses like yours get more customers so did you have 4 mins for me to ask you a few quick questions.
  • So this may sound like a silly question, but have you all been trying to get more customers to buy your products or do you already have to many customers?
  • That’s good. So how have you been getting new customers? Mainly through word of mouth or something else?
  • Okay, what about incentives. What kind of offers, deals, or incentives do you give to customers to get them to buy your products?
  • So while we were on the phone I checked your Facebook page and it looks like you do regular Facebook post to get more likes and traffic, but not very targeted Facebook Advertisements that earn you more money and customers. That means your only doing only the 1st half and leaving a lot of money on the table. Or a different way to look at it is that right now your trying to get 100,000 likes and not 100,000 dollars. Me personally I would rather get the 100,000 dollars haha.
  • So I’m telling you that because we help E-Commerce businesses like yours get more customers by creating those Facebook advertisements. From the sound of it we may be able to help you get more customers so I wanted to set up a 20, 30 min phone call with you to talk through some ideas that could help you. How does that sound?
Objection 3 – Were not interested right now
  • YOU – Oh Okay. Well you did say your interested in getting more customers right
  • YOU ALTERNATIVE – Okay so before you go let’s set 20 mins to discuss more tomorrow at 3:00 pm cst. How about that?
  • YOU FOLLOW UP – So if that’s the case here’s what I can do. How about we set up a 20 min phone call to talk at a better time more about your business and if I could help you. How about that?
Cold Calling Scripts
More Objections
Objection 4 – Have a company doing social media marketing already.
  • YOU – That’s good to hear. So so since so many agencies are different are they just getting you more likes & followers or actually bringing you a lot of new customers?
  • YOU FOLLOW UP – Makes sense. Yeah so we focus on getting you more customers unlike many other agencies. You need both so it wouldn’t be a conflict of interest, but as a ex we just worked with a business to bring in over 2000 customers and $150,000 since we don’t worry so much about the followers. How about we set up a 20 min phone call to talk at a better time more about your business and if I could help you. How about that?
Objection 5 – Have a company doing marketing already.
  • YOU – That’s good to hear. So what kind of marketing are you all doing right now
  • YOU FOLLOW UP – Okay, what about facebook advertising are you doing that currently?
  • YOU FOLLOW UP AGAIN – Okay yeah so a lot of businesses I have worked with have been getting phenomenal results with it and as as a ex we just worked with a business to bring in 2000 customers and $150,000. I don’t want to necessarly pitch you on the phone so how about we set up a 20 min phone call to talk at a better time more about your business and if I could help you. How about that?
Objection 6 – We already do Facebook Advertising internally
  • YOU – That’s good to hear. So what have you been struggling with the most?
Objection 7 – Could you send me a email with a proposal / send more information
  • YOU – So rather than a detailed email with more info or proposal we could actually hop on a quick 20 min call so I could walk you through things, better understand what you do, your goals, and just talk about if we could really help you or not. So it’s a bit more relaxed. So could you meet tomorrow at 3 or maybe the day after at 4:30?
Cold Calling Scripts
4. Client says “Yes that sounds interesting and I am looking for more customers/sales”
  • YOU – Okay that’s great. So did you have 30 mins tomorrow at say 3 or the day after at 4:30 pm CST to talk?
5. Client says “That time works for me”
  • YOU – What about the phone number. What phone number did you want me to call you back at?
6. Client says “My phone number is this”
  • YOU – Alright. I’ll call you back at that number then. It was great to chat with you so I hope you have a good rest of your day and we will talk again soon. Thanks good bye.
Objection 8 – I am to busy to meet this week
  • YOU – That’s fine. So what works next week better for you. Maybe Thursday sometime at 4 pm? How about that?
Email Scripts
More Objections
Objection 10 – No I am not interested period
  • YOU – Alright that’s fine. Okay well, It was great to talk with you so I hope you have a good rest of your day.
Objection 11 – How much is it and we don’t have enough budget.
  • YOU – So that varies depending on a lot of variables such as how small or large your advertising goal turns out to be, how must is the product you want us to advertise, how long did you want the ad to run, and a few other things. So before we really get to the exact price we can set up a 20 min call to talk through all of those details and then afterwards as a result I can give you a better figure of how much it is. So when did you have some time available tomorrow to meet on the phone to talk through this? Maybe 4 pm cst or what is your calendar looking?
Objection 12 – “Do you do SEO or other marketing instead of Facebook Advertising”
  • YOU – No we actually just specialize in the 1 area of Facebook Advertising since there is so much to that space it’s self. Do you actually know any other businesses that may need Facebook Advertising?
Objection 13 – Our Customers are not on Facebook / No my business will not benefit from Facebook Advertising
  • YOU – Oh Okay. So if you don’t mind me asking do you have an online website store at all or sell your products online? Because if you do then the way facebook works is that we can actually target only the specific types of customers that generally would buy from you. Rather than just trying to sell to everyone haha. So did you have an product online that you can sell?